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Too many ways to contribute

Hello everyone!  I finally joined (at Jeff's persistent urging).  I'm excited to meet other Catholics who share the burden of building websites.  I've been a web developer since 2002, and besides a short job I took after college, I've been working for Catholic companies doing web development ever since, and I've always been the only "web guy" around.  This site is a good idea to connect all of us.

However, I'm a little confused — there seems to be too many ways to share and discuss on this site than my brain can compute: articles, wiki entries, blog posts, website posts, and forum posts.  Where do I start?

I see the site is still "beta", and Jeff said that's because he's not sure about all those content types, either.  I think limiting to blog and forum entries would probably suffice.  Write a blog entry if you want to share some interesting technique, insight, or success story (combining blogs, articles, and websites), and write a forum post if you just want to ask questions and gab.

What does everyone think?

Sure...I'll agree

 Hello Joel,

Welcome to OSC!

I've only been posting to the forums and blog myself...


I think Blog + Forums would

I think Blog + Forums would be good. However, I think I'd also like to get a Wiki of some sort started, if nothing else to provide a structured resource for anyone wishing to find out how to do specific things, like:

  • Build a parish website
  • Design a website for a large, multi-entity corporation
  • Stream video and audio online
  • Share video online
  • Leverage Facebook/Twitter/etc. for your organization/ministry
  • etc.

Advancing the faith.

Yes, blog and forum is

Yes, blog and forum is sufficient.  Jeff, nice idea on the Wiki. 

I have removed the 'Websites'

I have removed the 'Websites' area from the primary navigation links (further simplifying that area), and disabled posting of new 'website' nodes. Still might need to be cut down a little more.

At some point, I may convert all the website posts to blog posts under a given user's blog, and delete the website content type.

I'm working on paring down the site a bit in preparation for porting the content to Drupal 7.

Developer from St. Louis, MO. My personal website.

pop blogs to front page by default?

along the same vein, can the blog posts pop to the front page automatically? i check the site from time to time and thought there were no updates until the other day when i clicked on the "blog" tab. easy to miss, i think most ppl may just check the front page, see nothing new, and leave.