Top 5 drawbacks of Joomla

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Top 5 drawbacks of Joomla
To say the least... I don't

To say the least... I don't know exactly to which CMSes the author is comparing Joomla. Obviously, there are three or four other CMSes (Drupal, DotNetNuke and Wordpress, maybe others) that compare in many ways ;-)

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I get kinda bored with the ...

whole my CMS is better than your CMS...which this author is kinda instigating. Flame bait!

On the other hand...

I do believe the competition between Joomla and Drupal has helped both out in the long run. It's really forced the developers to make a case for their personal preference.

WordPress is a bit of an's fan base doesn't ever really get into the whole debating thing. (Not looking to get flamed here)...I think because it's never really positioned itself as a robust business CMS.

Joomla vs. Drupal

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Joomla might be good for an

Joomla might be good for an individual parish site (this is my current opinion), but I like to think of solutions that are a bit more broad, such as a site for an Archdiocese that incorporates and aggregates every parish site using a distributed system with various groups and communities... something Joomla has to be poked, prodded and stretched every which way to do.

Drupal is community-oriented from the start (their slogan is 'community plumbing,' meaning Drupal is the plumbing behind community-building online), while Joomla is more single-site 'corporate' built, imo).

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I guess we do keep having

I guess we do keep having these conversations. As soon as I get some time I'd like to install Drupal and play around with it. I've been using Joomla for a while now and it works for what I need it to do, I guess that's the key. If it works, use it! (not to be confused with, if it feels good, do it.....)

@catholicservant I just like to instigate things :)

Interesting article about Joomla/CCK

CCK is a very cool aspect of Drupal. It can be done in Joomla with some 3rd party extensions, with varying results. This article explains a bit about it.

CCK + Views pretty much

CCK + Views pretty much define Drupal, in my opinion... and I'm glad Joomla is getting on board with at least half of that equation; one thing that I wish Joomla did more of was use GPL code/components, especially for essential features like fields and meta information.

We'll see where this all goes, but it's just another indication that having two or three mainline CMS products is something very good for the community. Drupal is moving towards more install profiles - one perhaps for a corporate site, one for a personal blog, etc., making it easier to set up like Joomla, while Joomla is slowly getting some of the nice things Drupal excels at (access control, content construction, etc.).

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