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Has anyone ran across ?  It looks interesting and the layout is very clean.  The Catholic take on iGoogle I think. 

Wait until you see the new

Wait until you see the new version coming out later this year! ;-)

The current site is about 5 years old now -- older than iGoogle. ;-)

lol... I forgot i had an

lol... I forgot i had an account here. I just posted a response to this, but I guess it needs to be approved first. was created about 5 years -- over a year before iGoogle came out. ;-)

I'm working on a revamped version of the site now. I hope to launch it later this year.

Tim Harrison
Sacred Heart Media LLC


That would be quite welcome! Speed, imo, is the name of the game for it, and the current layout is great for quick loading. (Heavy on text, light on images). An improved look would be welcome, but not at the expense of the speed :)

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