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New Users: Introduce yourself :)

Hello.  I found this website because of my web analytics software.  Nice!  Being Catholic and doing open source development are two things I'm quite passionate about, so this looks like a cool community.

I'm the author of the Catholic Reference Extension, a Wordpress plugin.

We would love you to join us

We would love you to join us and contribute as often as you're able; and if you ever need some help, or need to bounce around some ideas, please feel free to ask!

Advancing the faith.

Hello Pistos! I am using your

Hello Pistos!

I am using your Douay-Rheims text file right now to convert it to the drupal bible module!

It would be great to have the Catechism integrated into the module, perhaps it could be something for you, since you are already familiar with this kind of work?

See this thread


Joao: Unfortunately, my time

Joao: Unfortunately, my time is limited these days, so I don't think I can contribute much.  However, I think the CCC texts included with the CRE should be quite parseable for use in other applications. 

Catholicism Computes -

Hoping for the Triumph of Our Lady

Looking for ways to promote church approved apparitions of Our Lady specifically Fatima. Learning to use Twitter and Facebook social communication networks to catechize and link people to approved sites promoting the teachings of Our Lady @ Fatima. Pope John Paul II said that the message of Fatima was a reaffirmation of the Gospels.  Fr. Frederick Miller published a pamphlet on Our Lady who came to Fatima as a Catechist   Using this theme of “Mary as Catechist” and  John Paul's  “Fatima a reaffirmation of the Gospel”,  we hope to bring others to true authentic Marian Devotion.  If all the money, words, time and effort used to promote apparitions or Marian movements not approved by the church went into promoting and living the Fatima Message the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary may have taken place long ago!

Hello. My name is Josh and

Hello. My name is Josh and I'm a Dr. Pepper-o-holic.  "Hi Josh" : )

Catholic Christian, Husband, Parent, Graphic/Web Designer, Podcaster, Youth Group Ministry, Knights of Columbus, and founder of the Catholic Tech Tips blog.

I'm working on a new Drupal website for my Graphic Design freelancing endeavor.  I've been in the Graphic Communications industry for over 12 years now and love it!

"I'm a PC (practicing Catholic) and I'm only 30 years old."

Hi Josh! :)

Hi Josh! :)

I am a multiple-personality

I am a multiple-personality candidate, as I am actually Jeff Geerling, and I post under @oscatholic, @archstl, @geerlingguy, @midwesternmac and @lolsaints... depending on the situation/topic at hand. At some point, I'd like to make things a little more separate, but as it stands, each entity is kind of its own thing.

But that's besides the point. I like most diet sodas, except for diet white sodas, I use Macs, but on each of them, I'm also running Linux (ubuntu) and Windows XP, Vista and 7 (all for testing—who uses those platforms for day-to-day activities???).

I host/run quite a few sites, too many to mention here, but am quickly taking to like Drupal and Wordpress (for their own purposes), and despising Joomla ;-)

You can find most of my online presences by Googling geerlingguy.

Advancing the faith.

Are you Married, if not you

Are you Married, if not you need to be, if you are, when do you see them :-)

Not yet... but once that

Not yet... but once that happens, there will be much less in terms of website updates... or maybe major website consolidations in general.

Advancing the faith.

Bye the

Advancing the faith.

Hi All

My name - David McAfee
Age - OLD
Employment Status = "retired"
Experience 47 years of Information Technology experience, not 47 of the same year either.
My Catholic website is - (comments are welcome)
New Catholic 5 years
Also the Moderator of various Yahoo groups including
Enterprisewide Technical Architecture
Simson micro cars (three wheeler)
Also the Parish Bulletin editor

Glad to have you here! You

Glad to have you here! You might want to go register a new user account so we can get to know you better, and so you can build up a listing of all your posts.

In an initial glance at your site, I would say you might want to make it so that it's easier to notice the links to the 'parish' and 'school' - for a minute, I didn't know if there was a way to see more about the parish. A good start, and very informative!

Advancing the faith.

Never introduced myself...

Hi, I'm Deb!

I'm an Assistant Youth Minister for my Parish and this year got hired into overhauling/maintaining the Parish web site. I've been doing our Youth Ministry one since 2005, also. Since World Youth Day '08, I've gotten heavily into videography and now seek to incorporate as much web video into our sites as possible.

Learning CSS, Thesis theme for Wordpress, and SEO to add to my mad Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, and video skills.

My husband just nods and says when are you going to be done on that computer?

Love OpenSourceCatholic and would love to share/get as many tips/ideas/suggestions to use "new media for the new evangelization" as possible.

Fire away, people! :)

New Media for the New Evangelization!

Thanks for the introduction,

Thanks for the introduction, Deb! I'm glad you're able to share so many of your talents with the Church, and I'm glad you have an understanding husband!

Advancing the faith.


Hey I'm new here. Been trying to get up a website and mailing lists for my Knights of Columbus council and ran across this site. I started trying to use Joomla for it, couldn't find a really good guide to help me set something up quick without learning a bunch of jargon, so I scratched that and installed Drupal. Currently have that basically set up, but trying to figure out what modules to install and how they all work together and the CMS jargon has me still at a standstill.

Anyway, that's why I'm here, but I would love to one day merge my IT skills and my faith. Currently working in IT for a secular University, and am pursuing a MBA/MIS degree at the moment and have my undergrad in Computer Science.

Welcome! I would think the

Welcome! I would think the simplenews module should take care of about 99% of your needs - just create a new newsletter category for each mailing list you'd like to have, and then people can subscribe to the mailing lists by choosing the proper newsletter.

You can set up simplenews so only certain people can subscribe, as well...

Advancing the faith.

The mailing part I'm not have

The mailing part I'm not have as big of a problem with. I'm just trying to use the built-in mailing list manager my hosting provider provides. I think it's mostly user error by our Grand Knight. Once the website proper is set up, I'll check out that module if I stick with Drupal.

The major problem is devoting the time it takes to set up, and learn what each module does and if I actually need the module or not.

I was really surprised about the lack of a Social Networking/CMS product that could be leveraged by any number of fraternal or student organizations.

If you're looking for a

If you're looking for a turnkey solution, something that's already 99% of the way there, you might be interested in installing Open Atrium - it's built for community-type websites out of the box, with barely any special configuration/modules necessary. Check it out at

Advancing the faith.

Thanks for that link. I'm not

Thanks for that link. I'm not sure it's a 100% fit, but it'd be closer to add/subtract from that than it would be from Drupal as a whole for my KoC site. I may try to give that a go. It would definitely be good for committees to be able to communicate with each other.

Social Network Options

Some relatively simple social network options
and (I don't know if it get's any easier than ning)

Tried both. Elgg isn't quite

Tried both. Elgg isn't quite there yet (although, I may not have given them a fair enough shot, I looked at it for a different project), and I already have webspace for a PHP site, so I don't want to pay ning ~$20 for ad-free hosting, use own domain, etc.

Hmm, I never posted on this

I am the La Crosse Catholic @lacrossecath, Matt Korger, from the great state of Wisconsin, blogging at I originally went to school for web & database programming but it turns out the database stuff pays better. So that makes me a web programmer of Gotham by night I guess.... Joomla is cup of beer(or tea), perhaps Drupal when I get a chance. I am a PC.... for now. Grateful Jeff put this site together, I think our collaboration will bear some good fruit in this new evangelization.

Hello all. I ran across this

Hello all. I ran across this site when I was looking for Catholics who were into Linux. It looks like it has some potential. Often, I have felt alone in being faithful and a geek. But God needs to have people like us around in the tech world.

I would like to say that I am a Linux nerd. However, I am not as good with Linux as I would like to be yet and I would not want to advertise myself as someone who really groks it. Currently, I run Ubuntu on my netbook, Mint on my laptop, and dual boot Vista/Ubuntu on my desktop. Why Vista (which I will soon upgrade to 7)? Because I play games and they don't work very well on Linux, even with Wine. Sigh. Otherwise I would go full Linux and never touch Windows again.

I am currently in college, studying Computer Systems Security. I should be graduating in about a year, if all goes well.

My interests in computing are security, Linux, and C++. Currently I am trying to learn how to work with the Linux API in my spare time. Anyone who has any tips on that, please let me know.

In a couple of months, I will be marrying my lovely fiance Linda at Holy Protection of the Mother of God parish in Denver. Naturally, I am incredibly happy about that. She is a geek also. So God must be looking out for me. He brought me a fiance who thinks its funny when I use the term "sudo" in everyday conversation.

So there you have it. Init 0.

"The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice." - G.K. Chesterton

Heh. I think if I said

Heh. I think if I said something about sudo in my conversation with my fiancée, she would wonder why I'm talking about China. :-/

Welcome to OSC!

Advancing the faith.

Thank you! :) Yeah, we

Thank you! :)

Yeah, we actually both got a real kick out of this comic:

Which OS(es) do you run btw?

"The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice." - G.K. Chesterton

OSX 10.6, Ubuntu 10.x,

OSX 10.6, Ubuntu 10.x, Windows XP, and CentOS 5.x (for production servers).

Advancing the faith.

Very nice. I am actually

Very nice. I am actually thinking of setting up a home server and trying to choose a distro for it. I was considering going with Slackware but then Arch also looks nice. What are your thoughts on CentOS?

"The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice." - G.K. Chesterton

I kind of like CentOS, as I

I kind of like CentOS, as I was familiar with Red Hat before coming into the Archdiocesan job and inheriting a CentOS install... but Ubuntu is a bit more user-friendly, and has easier/newer default repos from which to install software.

Advancing the faith.

I have been appreciating the

I have been appreciating the great repos in Ubuntu/Mint. From what I have read, that is one of the great strengths of the Debian family.

The other major reason that I like Ubuntu and its variations is hardware compatibility. Since I run Linux primarily on laptops, where proprietary hardware is common, I do not want to wrestle with trying to get Linux drivers for obscure devices. I already had that fight trying to get my Creative sound card to work with Fedora on my desktop. Ubuntu is a lot more cooperative and that has made me a fan.

"The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice." - G.K. Chesterton


Well, while I've been around for a while, I've yet to do a formal introduction of myself.

My name is DJ and I currently reside in New Mexico, having just come over from Texas, having previously been in New Mexico. I may find myself elsewhere, as I'm currently looking for work. Its a long story, and I'm not going to tell it here.

I'm not really a web developer per-se, but I've been doing a bit of it here and there for a couple of years and have learned much. My strengths are really more in scientific computing and information theory, and less in graphic design. Regarding using those skills for the Church and God in general, refer to my recent post here.

I'll just leave a quick link to my Resume so people can get a better idea of skills. I'm always open to helping people out if they have questions regarding something I know about, with the warning that I have a tendency to talk too much. ;)

I don't really have much more to say other than, 'hi.'


Awesome! Thanks for the

Awesome! Thanks for the intro!

Advancing the faith.

Hello, my name is T.j., and I

Hello, my name is T.j., and I am psyched  to have found this website!

I have been toying with an idea for years called "Programmers for Peace" - loosely based on "Surf for the Cause".  Yeah, I know, one is tied to surfing at some of the most beautiful and exotic surf locations in the world, and one is tied to sitting in front of the PC.  Note that I originally said "loosely".

Yesterday, I'm at the library doing some PHP side-work for a friend.  I'm waiting for my Subversion update to finish, and I decide to change my Linux theme.    I keep thinking that there are so many beautiful, flashy, nice desktops and themes out on Gnome art, but where's some Catholic stuff?  So I Googled for something like "Catholic Linux Theme", and is at the top of the list.  Enter bright lights from heaven, angelic songs and a big smile.

Programmers for Peace has been coming up for me a lot lately in a couple strange ways, so I think that it's partly God's way of knocking my hard head to say, "let's get going, dummy!"  Finding this site yesterday was such an inspiration, to know that there are like-minded IT people out there!

I can't wait to dig in, read the forums and blogs, and get to know all of you.  What I've seen so far, you are doing some AMAZING things out there - I love it!


Ps.  Please keep laughing to a minimum on my Programmers for Peace website.  This was the first website I did for my web design class when getting my B.S. in Comp Science a few years ago.  I am a horrible, horrible web developer - I admit that and embrace it.  I give "hacking" a new name as I do PHP work for my friend.  But give me some Perl and a database...

Welcome to OSC!

Welcome to OSC!

Advancing the faith.

Hi, my name is Robert

I'm a catholic from Queens, NY. I'm not a programmer but do work with programmers as a business analyst for my company database system. I identify system business requirements from business experts and communicate via use cases to the programmers.

Working with these awesome programmers have spark my interest in programming but I don't know where to begin. I would like to learn programming to help build websites and database programs for local parishes.

Can anybody help me where to begin without getting a degree in computer science? Thanks.

I would choose a CMS to learn

I would choose a CMS to learn, like Wordpress or Drupal, and use MAMP or WAMP (if you use Mac or Windows) to run a test site on your local computer. Work on building a basic site in either one and then see about getting a book or two (or just plunging through online documentation) to learn how to code small modules (Drupal) or plugins (Wordpress) or themes.

From there, you'll have a good start on being able to help parishes/orgs to build their own sites.

Developer from St. Louis, MO. My personal website.

Hi There!

Hi There Folks!

My name is Deacon Harbey Santiago, I'm a Permanent Deacon from the Baltimore Archdiocese and found this site in the Brandon Voght book. I'm an information security professional and a certified CISSP-ISSEP. My primary interest is not development but Information Systems Security. Although I have seen quite a bit of information encouraging Church leaders to integrate new media in their parish life, however concerns about how to make this securely are absent. I worry (I guess that is my job, worrying about the security of my clients)that a scandal because of a security lapse in a parish is just waiting to happen. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.

"Viva Cristo Rey!!"

Deacon Harbey Santiago

One of the biggest holes, I

One of the biggest holes, I think, is the hundreds/thousands of CMS-driven parish/Catholic websites that were set up in version 1.x or 2.x, and haven't had one update or security patch applied in the past X years. I'm certain there are tons of security holes exposed simply due to lack of maintenance.

But thanks for the intro, and welcome to OSC!

Developer from St. Louis, MO. My personal website.

New member


I'm here initially to look around for my husband (and business partner) who doesn't often have the time. I hope he may be able eventually to participate.

I guess this "about us" page is a succinct enough introduction to us and what we do: Division Point Multimedia

I will have to get more information from my husband about his "open source" background, but, to put it not very technically, he's really into it. His preferred CMS is Joomla, which, I seem to recall reading probably years back, isn't the favorite here. I believe Ubuntu is his current operating system of choice.

Unfortunately, I picked a very busy day to sign up for this board, so I don't really have the time to pack my intro with info and then edit it down to be succinct. So it will just leave it at what I've already said, and add that we try to live our life and run our business in accord with Catholic principles. We've done some work for a local parish and for a pro-life organization, and it would be wonderful to be able to spend more time directly helping to spread the Gospel through work projects.