There have been a few people asking over the past few months about making an iPhone or Palm OS app, and getting it onto the App Store. I personally have only rudimentary programming knowledge, and not enough to make a quality app that would effectively fulfill the needs of the organizations/people who have asked about an app.

Are there any OSC readers out there who might be interested in some paid work? Writing apps might be a lucrative way to help out the Church, you know...

The kind of apps would be relatively simple; probably able to pull in a couple RSS feeds, submit a comment to a site or something, and play podcasts. I know there are some companies that make apps after you give them a spec sheet, but it'd be much better (imho) for a Catholic in need of some work to help a Catholic group (and vice-versa!).

[Edit: Here's a good resource for those wanting to develop an iPhone App: How to Create Your First iPhone Application]