I finally had a few hours tonight to update the modules and Drupal core on Open Source Catholic, and I hope to have some time to perform some bugfixes on the Airy Blue theme as well.

As part of the upgrade process, I finally took care of many todo items in my procrastination list—I moved all the remaining articles to blogs and set up 301 redirects. I also rearranged the links across the top of the site, removed the 'Contact' form (it had been used once, ever), and added/styled a few blocks on the right for forum topics and comments.

Have any more suggestions to make the site better optimized for your use?

[Edit: I've also merged this site into a Drupal multisite install running Life is a Prayer.com, Midwestern Mac, LLC, and Spirit and Truth St. Louis, and re-enabled the Boost caching module to speed things up. Please post any problems you encounter to our forums, or send us an email (see my address at the bottom of the page).]