Catholic News Live RSS Feed LogoI recently launched a new news aggregator website, Catholic News Live, which runs atop Managing News, a Drupal-based feed aggregator. The site grabs about 50 different Catholic website and blog feeds every three-to-five minutes, and pulls all the stories into the main feeds page.

After that, I manually sort the stories into one of many different 'channels,' which basically hold stories pertaining to a certain topic. The front page has it's own feed (with all aggregated stories), and each channel has a feed. In fact, you can even go to the Search page, search for a topic, then grab a feed for that topic!

There are a few highlighted searches already, but you can search for whatever you'd like and save that as a feed (kind of like Google News' daily email digest functionality, but more instantaneous).

All of this funcationality is built into Managing News (a great all-in-one solution, bye the way), and I'm excited for what the future of the site holds. Right now I have all the 'News' channel items feeding into the Catholic News Live Twitter feed (@cathnewslive) via HootSuite, but I may switch to using the Drupal Twitter module at some point (haven't decided how much I want to stick in the Twitter stream yet).

Does anyone want to help sort the news? At this point, it's just me, and it can get a little tedious ;-)

Also, if you see a feed missing, please comment on this post with a link, or find out how to get your feed added on the CNL About pages. You can also grab a badge to display whether your site is featured on CNL from the badges page!