[This post offers up some interesting topics for discussion — Ed.]

As a faithful Catholic who embraces the Internet and the whole Web 2.0 "movement," I am always amazed at how totally liberal and anti-religion many of the bright folks in this field are. Just today I was reading the great website TechCrunch, when I came across this article by Paul Carr, who wrote:  

"If this were a column about religious affairs, I would undoubtedly focus this week on the shocking news that Beelzebub himself has joined a coalition opposing child abuse in the Catholic church."

It's clear that in Mr. Carr's mind there isn't the possiblity that one of the readers on his site might be a faithful Catholic who is offended by such a jab. Oh, well. Anticatholicsm is as old as the hills and the haters of the Church will always use the clergy sexual abuse scandal to slam the Gospel.

Any thoughts???