I'm redesigning a website for some friends of mine (who also happen to be Catholic).  Okay, so here is my dilemma: I'm creating a custom template in Wordpress (and let all the Drupal fans moan in unison ; )  and I've created some pretty cool rollover buttons that look and work great on the homepage, however, when I click on an individual page or post, the menu bar collapses and then disappears.  I think I know what is causing this, but may need some assistance!

The problem is that the Preload script and the Styles script is in the <head> of the "header.php" file.  Then the Onload script and the Slices scripts are in the <body>.  I think the problem is where I have my <div id="wrapper"> and <div id="header"> placed.  I have it placed in the body, after the Onload script and before the slices scripts.  Can you put the <div id="wrapper"> and <div id="header"> in the <head>???

Please don't get mad at me, if I should know this.  I'm kind of learning this stuff on my own.  When I was in college (10 years ago) web design was basically HTML and Java.

Here is a before and after shot of what the site currently looks like (done by someone else) and what it may look like if I figure this out.  I'm trying to keep a simple and clean look to the site.  When I think of dental lab, I don't want to see a black background, the generic navigational bar, and the old 90's visitor's counter!  It needs to look professional.

Old Site

(Right-Click and "View Image" to see actual size)

New Site

Here is what the menu should look like (which it works great on the home page)