Joomla admin here, building my first Drupal site...couple questions...

  1. Can you recommend some 'must-have' modules?
  2. Is there a good 'backup' module that'll backup the db and files?
  3. Coming from Joomla, you can assign content such as side-bars, modules, etc to specific pages by assigning them to menu items. How do you do this in Drupal?
  4. Theming - I've seen people discuss using Zen as a base template and then customizing it. Any tutorials on this?
  5. Any recommended default type settings? For example, I almost always enable global caching and gzip caching in Joomla.
  6. Lastly, what's the best WYSIWYG editor? Obviously, opinions may vary here!

Appreciate any input you can offer!

God Bless,