One day during the week (2 this Summer) I do freelance work.

Since it's difficult to work at home with the many distractions, I tend to float around to various wifi locations to do my work. I've got about 3 or 4 coffeeshop haunts and about 3 public libraries that I'll rotate through.

The largest library I go to is in Minnetonka...that's where I am at the moment. They've got a large room for wifi users...4 rows of tables and some half-cubicles. It accomodates 40, but I usually only see 5-10. It's got a nice long window into a forest, so there's good sunshine. Each table has 2 sets of 4 electrical outlets in the middle of it. No loss of battery juice here. The wifi is pretty reliable. Just ran an online speed test and I'm getting 2.7Mb downloads. I guess our ridiculously high taxes go towards a fat pipe at the library!

Today, a new record...15 of us in the room, silently attacking our keyboards. It's really an interesting phenomena, definately a glimpse of the future.