Hit the Apple store at Ridgedale around 11am this morning. Place was packed. Line for Snow Leopard was about 5 deep but moving pretty quickly.

Grabbed Subway, then to the home office to do some loading.

I thought I read somewhere that's it's a 15-20 minute upgrade...uh uh. Took almost an hour. While I was waiting, I putzed around on my XP machine while watching the Macbook out of the corner of my eye.

After a few reboots...upgrade complete.

I haven't really tried anything yet, but I did note shutdown and startup times. 

Shutdown - 5 seconds (no open applications)

Startup - 75 seconds

It's possible that the first shutdown/startup sequence may still be shuffling some bits and in the future it'll be even faster...but I'm pleased. Opening up applications seem a bit snappier.

I've got a 17" MacBook Pro (2008 model), 2.5 Ghz Intel Dual-core with 4GB of RAM.  

Looking forward to trying out the Exchange Server integration, see if it actually works. I've been dropping into Parallels to run Outlook 2007...and even though it's bearable running a VM, I'd prefer not to.

Anyone else moving to SL?