[UPDATE: Everything should be operational again. Please let me know if you have any trouble logging in or posting information!]

Well, after a few weeks on Slicehost, I've decided to switch to a different VPS with a company I've grown to like very much—Hot Drupal—and consolidate all my sites onto that system (right now my sites are spread across three different hosts).

Some observations after a couple weeks on the Slice:

  • 64-bit OS memory usage makes a large amount of RAM important, especially when running Drupal or another CMS with relatively high memory usage.
  • Even with a bunch of optimizations (like using the Boost module or a reverse-proxy http cache), a 256MB slice can feel very limiting—and that's with just one site running.
  • Unless you want to become a bit of a Linux sysadmin (or at least become familiar with the CLI), don't get a slice or linode, or anything of the sort.
  • Slices are more for fun and learning (at least on the low end) than for heavy-hitting high-traffic sites... imo.

Since we're moving again, please pardon the dust. In addition, in reference to this forum topic, I'll be merging Articles and Blogs (eek!) and working to streamline the posting process.