Howdy folks,

I've just released a new website into beta:

It's definitely a 'work-in-progress', but we're just getting started trying to build an online community. We're also putting in content that's a bit more relevant to 'younger' Catholics.

If you get a chance, drop on by and register, it's free! 

The Tech Details:

  • Based on Joomla 1.5.14
  • Utilizing the JomSocial component for community
  • Using the MyBlog and JomComment extensions for blogging and commenting
  • Kunena forum component
  • Affinity Rockettheme Template
  • Some other 3rd party extensions (EventList, QuickFAQ, GK NewsPro and few more)

On a side note, I did try using the new-ish K2 extension for CCK-style content, but didn't work out the way I wanted. Kinda boiled down to integration issues with the other components. It was a good exercise though, and I'll be implementing K2 in another project that should fit better.

UPDATE 11/27/09

Just spent the past 2 days revamping the site. 

  • Loaded a new template from Joomlashack.
  • Went 'RED'.
  • Dropped the Azrul MyBlog and JomComment components and went with a WordPress for Joomla component from CorePHP and incorporated the Disqus commenting tool for articles.
  • Removed some of the features that weren't being used such as EventList and QuickFAQ. I might bring them back at a later date though.