OK...there hasn't been any new content in 27 hours. Not cool. I'll stop complaining and post something.

After having been on PC's for almost 12 years, I switched back to Mac a couple months ago. A long time ago in a previous career (audio engineering) I used Mac's quite a lot. Actually, the first time I plunked down my own hard earned cash for a computer it was $900 for a Mac Classic. Something like 30 MB of storage. Ouch. Still had THE COOLEST GOLF GAME EVER. It had really lo-fi birds chirping, but that 8-bit 'swoosh' of the golf club rocked. When I'd be working the recording studio with it, that golf game was a huge hit. 

I'm digressing...

So I switched 'back' to Mac...whatever that means. Over the past 18 years I've worked on Win, Mac, *nix, Cisco/Nortel IOS...etc. Heck, I even loaded up BeOS once.

Long story longer...

One of my most valuable apps on the PC was a shareware app called RoboForm. It kept all my logins and passwords in a nice tidy encrypted file and would populate forms and save them on the fly. It rocked! Sure, you can get by on a txt file...but that get's unwieldy after awhile.

When I got my MacBookPro I started looking for something similar. Yes, I know about KeePass...the OpenSource alternative. I just never dug it...don't remember why either. But hey, some people love it, that's great. Well, after not having much luck...

...I found 1Password  agilewebsolutions.com/products/1Password

Really liking it. It'll even sync up with my iPhone.

So, I'm happy.

How about you? How do you handle 5,10,50,100+ account passwords?