Happy almost-one-week-birthday, Open Source Catholic! One week in, we have 35 users, many websites to rate, and a few good comments, articles and blog entries. Plus, we've gotten 950 unique visitors in the past 4 days (not bad, eh?):

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Thanks especially to all those who re-tweeted @oscatholic news on Twitter, and to those who have registered on the website. We hope that, over time, this website can promote the sharing of great ideas for making the web a better place for Catholics.

The website has already seen a few slight adjustments (most notably the fixing of the CAPTCHA, which is always a nuisance!), and they were all made because of your feedback - we hope this can truly become a community site, where the only role of the maintainers is to take your suggestions and use them to make this website and community stronger.

There is another community we'd like to promote in this post, too: SQPN (the "Star Quest Production Network") has started an SQPN Ning community, where you can interact with the many podcasters and listeners, many of whom are well-invested in seeing Catholics use online technology to its full potential. Check them out, and be sure to befriend OSC :-)

To New Users

If you haven't already, go ahead and visit your account page (must be logged in), and click the edit tab. You can now fill in more Personal Information, more about your work experience, and even link your Twitter account to your profile. This will allow you to tweet your new postings directly from this website, and will put your Tweets into the community's Twitter page!