Hi everybody

I’ve just found this site from TweetCatholic and I think it’s a super idea.I’m interested in both getting help and giving help.

Getting Help

I have a website www.roomtopray.net which is a portal to Catholic Online prayer using TeamSpeak, software for audio chat.

At the moment, the online prayer consists of Vespers and Compline daily and Lectio Divina weekly but I’m looking to expand that and have a survey running at the moment at http://onlineprayersurvey.questionpro.com/ - I’d be delighted if anyone here could take part in it.

I would also love to see people from here taking part in some of the prayer, I realise that this is mainly a US orientated site and the current times of the prayer aren’t great from that point of view, but if I could get a couple of people from the USA involved then I could set up times to suit there.

I am looking for help on two main areas – development of the actual website and software for the online prayer; I have detailed the help that I am looking for on the website at www.roomtopray.net/webhelp.aspx 

Giving Help

I’m willing to help other people in so far as I am able. My main areas of expertise are centred on MS platforms rather than open source but that may be useful to some people. My particular area of expertise is Visual Basic programming and database design/interfacing using MS SQL Server. I also have some web development expertise – on the structural side rather than the graphics side as can be seen from my Room To Pray website - using both straightforward HTML as well as Asp.net using Visual Studio 2005

I rent my own Virtual Private Server running on Windows 2008 on which I have installed various things including Php, PhpBB, Perl, Awstats and Wordpress as a learning exercise so I have a fair understanding of installing/running these things on Windows. I’m currently playing around with DotNetNuke.

I have spare diskspace and bandwidth on the VPS if that might be of use to people.