Technopriest and iPadre - website screenshots

Seen recently in The Catholic Spirit, a publication from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis:

"To their parishioners, they are known simply as “Father Jay” and “Father Bill.” But to many others, Father Jay Finelli and Father Bill Kessler are “iPadre” and the “Tech­nopriest.”

The two diocesan priests are among a growing number of Catholic clergy using podcasting and other new media to spread the message of the church...

...Father Kessler believes that podcasting and other new media technology can serve as a powerful tool for evangelization. Because of new media, “folks who otherwise wouldn’t hear the Gospel will maybe hear the Gospel; folks who don’t step into our churches at all may hear something that affects them,” he said. [Continue Reading: Priests Find Great Potential in Use of New Media – The Catholic Spirit].

Do you know of any clergy taking on the social web with such panache, and using social means to supplement their other evangelical tools? (Besides Fr. Vonhögen, of course—he has a monopoly on the field with SQPN ;-).