www.roomtopray.net is my website to encourage people to pause for prayer when browsing and also as a portal to interactive online prayer.

The site is rather basic right now and I have a fair bit of work to do as outlined in the How You Can Help link.

I have a lot of ideas on expanding the online prayer activities and have set up an online survey to assess people's interest.

I'd appreciate comments on the site and the associated payer activities and ideas on how they can be improved.

One area in particular I'm looking for help on is some sort of web conferencing software; at the moment I'm using TeamSpeak but it requires users to download client software, I'd really prefer something that I can build into a webpage that would just require a login like a forum. Also video/application sharing available for when I introduce seminars and Faith Development programmes.

The web site is running on Asp.net 2.0 with a Sql Express database holding announcements and notices. It is hosted on my own Virtual Private Server running on Windows 2008.

I am currently playing around with DotNetNuke as a possible platform and also playing around with Asp.Net Ajax Components as a way of showing the text of selected prayers.