Just wanted to let everyone know a couple things:

  1. I'm going to be working on moving Open Source Catholic over to the 'official' Airy Blue theme from Drupal.org, rather than a hacked-together version I made while working on the site (sometimes trying to get something out the door fast makes one do it the not-quite-exactly-perfect way). There might be a couple layout bugs here and there in the next couple days.
  2. The IRC channel has been moved to #oscatholic, as that channel is more for the Catholic tech community, whereas some other channels (such as #Catholic and #romancatholic) are more targeted toward a general audience. If anyone has any good ideas for promoting the channels, let me know!
  3. Any big projects coming down the pipe for anyone? I know the Archdiocese of Saint Louis is working on something pretty big... and will be sharing some of their findings/experiences here!