I spent a bit of time today evaluating text editing on my mac. Honestly, I've just been using text edit (I really only used notepad on Windows), since I don't do much heavy code lifting.

Finally got around to Text Wrangler and have made that my default editor. The line numbers and color coding makes a few things easier.

But...I'm also considering Textmate and Coda (BTW...I do have Dreamweaver CS4, but I don't really like the load time and performance hit with that for simple code editing).

For any other text editing mavens on mac...

What's your preference for a text editor?

NOTE: If I'm going to plunk down $ for one, I'd really like it to have 'code completion' ... for instance when I'm in DW, if I'm editing CSS it'll know what my options are for something like 'text-decoration'.