Hello everyone!  I finally joined (at Jeff's persistent urging).  I'm excited to meet other Catholics who share the burden of building websites.  I've been a web developer since 2002, and besides a short job I took after college, I've been working for Catholic companies doing web development ever since, and I've always been the only "web guy" around.  This site is a good idea to connect all of us.

However, I'm a little confused — there seems to be too many ways to share and discuss on this site than my brain can compute: articles, wiki entries, blog posts, website posts, and forum posts.  Where do I start?

I see the site is still "beta", and Jeff said that's because he's not sure about all those content types, either.  I think limiting to blog and forum entries would probably suffice.  Write a blog entry if you want to share some interesting technique, insight, or success story (combining blogs, articles, and websites), and write a forum post if you just want to ask questions and gab.

What does everyone think?