[Update: Also, check out our list of (Arch)Dioceses on Facebook!]

For some time, I've been looking for a listing of Archdioceses with a presence on Twitter (I follow about 10 or so of them, but I know there are many more. I'm going to post all the ones I know of here, and hopefully people can find others that aren't listed here and post them in the comments below. I'll update this post as more are identified. Here's the list:



Diocesan Newspapers/News

Tips for (Arch)Dioceses on Twitter

Just a few tips to help you guys make your Twitter accounts more valuable:

  1. Follow other people, especially those who have enough interest to follow you — but make sure that you don't blindly follow back others - you can choose to not follow someone/some organization if that person/organization shouldn't seem to be connected to you. Twitter is a social network—follows should be somewhat reciprocal...
  2. Post something to your Twitter account; at least a little welcome message. An empty account makes it look like you had a vision for a Twitter account, but didn't follow through.
  3. Tweet something - post something at least once a week or so. If nothing else, link your website's news feed to it using HootSuite. Give followers something to see!
  4. Read this article by @archstl - it has some good tidbits in it :-)