What if the USCCB offered the Bible via an API so programmers/iPhone App developers/web developers could query a verse or chapter for display/search?

What if the Vatican offered better searching, indexing, and referencing for their vast library of Papal encyclicals, Church Council documents, and other other messages?

What if the USCCB offered, perhaps, some sort of 'widget' for displaying a random bible quote, the day's readings (or a blurb from said readings), and other Bible-related topics on people's blogs, websites, etc.?

I really hope these kinds of things become reality, and sooner rather than later. Does anyone know if these kinds of issues are even on the radar?

I'd also like to find out more about how our Church is working towards the lofty goals set forth in Inter Mirifica, the letters for the World Day of Communication each year, etc., besides implementing a YouTube channel and Facebook app. I'll volunteer time to help accomplish some of these goals—can't we bring some of these projects into the 'open source' sphere? The dogmas of the Church are not 'open source,' but couldn't the technologies be more so?