Hello, this is DJ Ortley (lutra.)  I've yet to have an opportunity to introduce either Cathnet or myself.

Cathnet was started a number of years ago to try and do basically the same thing that this site does, which is to create a central home for open source Catholic software and technologies.  While Cathnet has been around for much longer, we've not really been able to spend much time on our site, and a quick trip to the latest incarnation of our website will show this.

Looking through OpensourceCatholic, which seems to be a much more professional site, and looking at the overlap in functionality between the two sites, we at Cathet are given to pause and ask what we really want to do with the organization.  Whether we want to continue to try and host projects, or work on something else.

Cathnet is a registered non-profit in Australia that has managed to procure the rights to use the Catechism in a limited fashion.  We basically can create and publicly showcase any technology using the Catechism that we can come up with, as long as what we come up with is deemed acceptable (to be determined on a case-by-case basis.)  We also happen to have in our hands a couple of other texts, such as the bible, the Summa Theologicae, etc..  Which would be interesting to try and work with.

This post is a bit of an open invite.  It is an invite both to Cathnet (we hang out on freenode as well: irc://freenode/cathnet) and also to discussion.  We'd like to hear what people think about what I've just said.  We've been chewing over ideas for quite a while such as making an RDF of the Catechism, clustering analysis, etc..

As for my introduction, I think I'll just make a response to the 'New Users: Introduce yourselves :)' post.