Do you just need to collect information from a certain group of people? You can do this quite simply using a 'form builder,' which allows you to set the information people are required to submit. Once a person submits his information, the form that is built will do one or both of the following:

  • Send you an email with all of the submitted information.
  • Store the submitted information in a database for easy viewing, editing, or exporting.

Here are some of the simplest (and often most inexpensive) form building tools:

  • Survey Monkey - One of the oldest, and easiest ways to quickly build a form. Simple forms are free, and you can sign up for a pro account with more features. Doesn't require any changes to your own website.
  • WuFoo - A newer site/service that allows you to create forms very easily, and even offers more advanced features like PayPal payment integration. Doesn't require any changes to your own website.
  • Webform - A free Drupal module for form building that is very easy to use and can be extended in many ways, but requires a Drupal website to run.
  • Forms for Joomla - An easy-to-use form builder for Joomla-based websites, similar to Webform, but costing over $20.