Many organizations are looking to alleviate a lot of the stress and hours of work that comes with managing event registrations. Instead of dealing with hundreds or thousands of mailed-in registration forms, checks, cash, and manual credit card transactions, your organization can benefit from using an online event registration and management system.

These systems often perform the following tasks:

  • Basic data collection (like other form builders)
  • Payment processing (either through your own bank, a service like PayPal, or directly via credit card transactions)
  • Advanced registration management and data analysis
  • Customized form interfaces
  • Optional integration with your own website

These systems typically charge a small fee per registration, and some may have a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Typically these services are best for those holding events with more than a few participants and where individuals must pay more than five or so dollars to register.

Here are a few of the best online event registration systems:

  • DoAttend - Pretty easy to use, and allows for e-ticketing. No monthly fees, and free for small/non-profit events.
  • EventArc - Relatively easy to use, and has an impressive 'used by' list. Again, free for small/non-profit events.
  • Eventbrite - This service has been around longer, but it's not quite as easy to use as some newer services. However, it is very robust.