It looks like @iJimCoyle is tweeting from the Catholic Media Conference in Louisiana this week. Found today on his Twitter stream:

New Media & New Evangelization: 5 Ways to Make a Difference (from Sr Rose Pacatte FSP)

  1. Become mindful media consumers by watching (doing) media together and talking about what you experience.
  2. Use (mainstream) media in your teaching.
  3. Become a media producer & encourage students & people w/ whom you share faith to "make media."
  4. Make media the subject of evangelization, preaching, and catechesis.
  5. Become proactive advocate for media productions that reflect Catholic social teaching because these are human, humane, & Gospel themes.

Sounds great... but where is the significance for 'new media?' At a time when our news media is bleeding like never before, hurting for money and looking to find a solid path for working online in the midst of the traditional web, Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, etc., we need to be more specific in our goals for new media use in the Church, especially by Catholic publications.

Of course, reading from a live Twitter feed of a participant might not be the best way to participate in this Catholic Media Convention, but there isn't any other way to do it, and the Convention Blog doesn't even seem to have any content... It would be nice to have at least an official Twitter feed :)

At least they have a Facebook page...