I am looking for a custom web developer to transform my current website (www.thecatholichour.org) into a custom website based on the Wordpress CMS. The end product will most likely be a custom CMS based on Wordpress as my site will require multiple databases. My original webmaster is too tied up to work within my current timeframe of 2-3 weeks to get essential components up and running followed by a Phase II which will require more customized work on the site.

Here are essential components:

The following feature set would be best for a 1.0 / phase I release:

Video Archive
News Articles Archive
Podcast Archive
Article Archive
Paypal Donate Button
Design Integration with Wordpress
Contact Form
MailChimp (newsletter) signup
Basic Buddy Press Configuration
Frontpage customization
My original web developer relayed that Phase I will cost $500 with an estimated 3 week timeline, although some things should be up and running within a couple of days so I can start adding content quickly He said: "After I get the different components in place on the test site I'll start working up a design and then implementing the design through the various sections of the site. After the design is in place I'll move onto customizations to the front page and custom page work such as the donate + contact forms." That sounds reasonable to me.

Phase II - III would contain features such as:

Shopping cart
Map Feature (showing where followers are located, locations of calendar events and locations of local Fulton Sheen Societies)
Interactive Calendar
Buddy Press customization
Fulton Sheen Society subsite (small subsite with diffferent header, top navigation, similar layout to The Catholic Hour)
Please send me a message if you are qualified and up for the task and we can discuss further.

Thank you and God bless you.