Hello, my name is David (DJ) Ortley.

I'm currently unemployed and am looking for work. At the moment, I have a few possibilities for employment in the hopper, but nothing is definite. The type of work that I’m looking for would probably either be a quick, one-time contract for a few weeks while something else comes through; or full-time employment, given the possibility that none of the other opportunities may come through. Regarding full-time employment, I’m willing to re-locate to most areas if necessary.

The best indicator of my skills would probably be found by looking at my resume, which is located at http://djortley.com/resume

I’m not the best graphic artist, and I don’t have a lot of experience with eCommerce, but I have fairly strong programming skills coupled with an engineering background.

If you either know of or have anything, contact me at:
dj [at] djortley [dot] com