During this Easter season, I saw fit to spend a few hours on the OSC website, which has, I admit, taken a back seat to many of my other web projects, most notably the Archdiocese of St. Louis website and some other little projects I'm dabbling in (like an experimental HTML5 site).

Here are some of the recent changes I've made:

  • OSC Member Tweets are back online!
    (I Installed an updated version of Drupal's Twitter module. Cron is now much faster, and old Tweets are cleared from the database, so I feel save using the module again).
  • OSC Wiki Pages are being added! (and anyone with an account can edit them!)
    (Right now they're pretty sparse, but I plan on taking on the development of these pages as a personal project—mostly so I can have a nice resource to refer the poor helpless chaps that are burdened with parish/diocesan web development, but need help).
  • Theming Issues are being cleaned up!
    (I've spent a little more time working with the Airy Blue theme (on drupal.org) and fixing small theming issues I've found on OSC, in particular).

BUT, most importantly, the 'Beta' status of this site has been removed! I figure almost a year into the site's existence, it is time. Check out the new and improved (and 5 KB lighter) header at the top of this page!

Any other suggestions? Comments are welcome :)