I have recently been advancing my work in mobile theming and architecture for a few different websites, as I agree with many others who have said before that the web will become mobile (meaning it needs to display equally well on a smartphone, a tablet, and the desktop) in the next 5-10 years... and we need to be ready for that!

Here are some device usage statistics for the past month on a variety of websites I maintain (I only mention the top three - Blackberry, Symbian, etc. are too low to worry about them at this point):

Archdiocese of St. Louis

  • iPhone - 1,253 visits, 2.43 pages/visit
  • Android - 434 visits, 2.76 pages/visit
  • iPad - 296 visits, 3.98 pages/visit

St. Louis Review

  • iPhone - 479 visits, 1.74 pages/visit
  • Android - 171 visits, 1.57 pages/visit
  • iPad - 148 visits, 2.45 pages/visit

Life is a Prayer.com

  • iPhone - 1,401 visits, 1.47 pages/visit
  • iPad - 1,106 visits, 1.35 pages/visit
  • Android - 200 visits, 1.10 pages/visit

Open Source Catholic

  • iPad - 42 visits, 1.64 pages/visit
  • iPhone - 33 visits, 1.27 pages/visit
  • iPhone - 18 visits, 1.11 pages/visit

It's interesting to me that Android is nowhere near touching the iOS crown, though Google keeps bragging that they have a much, much larger proportion of handsets sold. I think this simply shows that iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users (who are almost always in fourth place) are much more prone to visiting websites on their phones.

Blackberry is usually the only solid bottom-of-the-barrel contender, but Blackberry usually only has maybe a 1-2% share across all my sites.

The sites with the most Android users were those that cater to older/less-technical audiences. All the sites with more tech-savvy audiences are visited most often by iOS devices. Of course, all these sites are localized to North America, so that has a little bit to do with the slant away from Symbian...

What are your numbers for mobile browsers?