I am looking for tips on how to select a Joomla template.  I have found many websites that have them, some for free, and some for a fee.  But they look pretty similar to me - how can I decide?   I don't mind paying a nominal fee if for some reason it's better.

The template is for a church website.  I want to be able to use my own banner, and to adjust the color scheme (if necessary) to match the banner.  I want users who do not know html to be able to update the site, and I want to be able to limit which user can edit which page.  I think those are all characteristics of any Joomla template, so that's why I'm confused about how to decide which is best.

I have experience using Kompozer, writing html, and using CSS.  I'm less skilled with PhotoShop (but there are others on the team that are more experienced with it - the banner is being made by a graphic artist). 

As you can tell, this is my first attempt at using Joomla.  Any advice on selecting a template would be much appreciated!