Today I had to make some updates to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis' Leadership page. While I was making the updates, I noticed a pattern on the page that was very ineffective in terms of giving proper keyword metadata to Google for page links.

For each leader in the Archdiocese, there was a link to "Read more..." at the end of the leader's description. Google and other spiders take that 'Read more' text and expect it to mean something, so they give a little weight (but not much) to the words 'read' and 'more' when searched in tandem with content on the page the words link to.

However, to give Google more context, and to let our pages get a tiny bit of extra link juice, I linked the names of the leaders directly to their pages (instead of 'Read more' referring to Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, now 'Archbishop' 'Robert' 'J' and 'Carlson' refer to him!):

<a href="/archstl/page/archbishop-robert-j-carlson">Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson</a>

Then I set all the 'Read more...' links to rel="nofollow":

<a href="/archstl/page/archbishop-robert-j-carlson" class="readon" rel="nofollow">Read more...</a>

This tells Google that it can disregard the 'Read more...' link, and lets Google instead use the more contextually-sound link (with SEO terms built in).