Interesting Quote from the blog 'Vitamin C':

How we do this through design is the big question. Our designs have to reflect Christ. We do this through demanding people’s interest, respect, and most importantly their time through our designs. Christ deserves the best designs possible. I don’t know if I speak for all people, but for me to take Church retreats, events, or other ministries serious I want to see that reflected in their designs. If the design is lacking then (in my mind) the retreat must be lacking as well. Just like you wouldn’t go to a bank that was tattered and looked unprofessional, I don’t want to invest my time in something God related if it comes across as “not current” or lacks effort.

If we don't design our websites and software to be as user-friendly, beautiful, and stunning as possible, then we do a disservice to those who use them.

Of course, as I've said on my own blog before, modern Church architecture, design, music, etc. seems to be just as sad as modern Church web design. It stinks. Let's help make that change.