...for the love of everything sacred and holy, do not use the term "Web 2.0" or say "we are joing the social media revolution."

We are not in some crazy new age of the web, nor are we in a revolution. The Internet is in a constant stage of evolution, and reorganization. There will never be a point at which the web will upgrade to 'Web 3.0,' or even 'Web 2.1.' So stop using that term!

The 'Web' is not a software product. It is a relatively new medium by which humans communicate. When television went color, it wasn't called "TV 2.0."

Web 2.0 is a buzzword that needs to die. Any organization that uses this term is dating itself and making the Church look passé and behind the times. Instead, say "we are constantly adapting our Gospel message to the latest technologies, and using social media to communicate this message to others on a more personal level."

Of course, if you say this, you have to follow through! Don't ever be content with where you are. Always innovate, always be adaptable. The world is not a static place, and neither is the Web.