Jeff's post here on OSCatholic titled "What Makes a Good Parish Website?" brought me to brainstorm and design a PowerPoint presentation for clergy and parish staff/volunteers in the Diocese of Sacramento, to get folks moving in the right direction.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2010, I delivered this presentation to ~100 attendees at our first annual diocesan Stewardship Conference.

I recorded the audio on my Olympus WS-300M and edited it with Propaganda.  Then, I broke the audio into 21 separate files to match the 21 slides of the PowerPoint presentation using Roxio Creator 2010 (this step was a necessary evil, as I discovered).  Finally, I downloaded and installed a trial copy of Adobe Presenter 7 to sync each audio file to each slide's animation and to produce an online copy of the presentation in Flash.

To view the 28-minute presentation, click here or on the screenshot:


I'm hoping that this digital copy of the presentation will make its way into the offices of many diocesan and parish clergy and staff, to assist our Catholic parishes in publishing great parish websites.

Permalink to the presentation:

Download the handout that accompanies the presentation, which is essentially the presentation's text bullet points.