Post to Twitter

Since the beginning of this website, we've had a Twitter page that shows all tweets from Open Source Catholic members who choose to allow OSC to show their tweets.

In the past, we used a simple authentication system that worked great before Twitter switched to using OAuth only... after dragging our feet for a while, we finally took the time to get OAuth and Twitter working correctly on this site again.

This means that you can add your twitter account to your OSC account, by simply visiting your 'My account' page, clicking 'Edit,' then clicking on 'Twitter accounts.' Click the 'Add account' button to add your Twitter account, and voila! Your tweets will start showing up in the global Twitter page.

Also, you can choose to post any blog entry on this site to the @oscatholic Twitter account if you so choose—use this feature with discretion, though, as it's liable to be taken away if it's abused!

You can also authenticate to this site using Twitter, although that feature is in beta for now.