Recently, this site has had a nice influx of visitors from the following two articles:

1. First Things / First Thoughts: Sources for Open Sources

I stumbled across Open Source Catholic while looking for something entirely different, and as our webmaster says it looks like a useful site, pass it along. It includes stories with mysterious titles like Drupal Gardens enters Open Public Beta and understandable ones like Live-Blogging to Drive Traffic, Interest to Organizational Events. Some of you may find it useful.

2. Give me some of that old-time, open source religion

A reader tossed us a link to This of course raised the question—which Google happily answered: Is there an intersection between open source and religion? 8,910,000 results say yes. Whether you have a church home, a home church, or simply some spiritual foundation that you hold to because you believe it, it’s likely that this faith is helped by fellowship, and educated through both doctrine and some form of social networking. What you believe—the specifics of it at least—is usually information that needs to be explored, maintained, and perhaps shared.