I'm working on a new Intranet for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, and I've been developing in Drupal for the time being (the end-user experience, in my opinion, is crucial to the success or downfall of this Intranet), but the Data Center has offered SharePoint as an option.

Some of the main features are profile pages (with pictures of users), a 'dashboard' page on which people will be able to see, at a glance, information they need to see for the day, and Archdiocesan news.

Now, I know everything can be prototyped pretty easily in Drupal, and I have most of the features complete (see a dashboard mockup here, along with notes on its implementation). But is SharePoint worth investing some time in?

Does anyone else have any experience with SharePoint? It seems that, in order to simply edit the templates, I'll need to use a Windows PC and download SharePoint Designer 2007 (ugh).

Here's another highly relevant link: Ideas and Further Reading for the Archdiocesan Intranet