Is your parish or organization interested in building its own iPhone, Android, or Blackberry App? There are tons of resources available to help you in building the App.

There are different ways you can get your own app:

Build Your Own (DIY)

This is often difficult due to lack of resources (time, money, programming personnel), but is highly advantageous in that a custom-made App can do pretty much anything you want.

This approach requires knowledge of different development frameworks and programming languages (Objective-C and Xcode for iOS, Java for Android, etc., or a framework like Appcelerator), and it can take a bit of effort to get a bug-free application that works well on a mobile device.

Open Source Catholic also contains resources for a Catholic Diocese App that can be customized to fit a diocese or archdiocese’s needs.

Hire a Development Company / Developer

If you want a very flexible App, that can do specialized things, and is perfect for your organization, you can often hire out a developer or development company to help you build and App.

Below is a list of Catholic app developers and companies who are known to work well with Catholic organizations:

Buying a Cookie-Cutter/Prepackaged App

If you have limited resources and no specialized needs, it may be advantageous to use a pre-made solution, where you simply connect your website to a pre-made App solution. Here are some of the companies that offer this kind of service, usually with very reasonable pricing: