I am pretty new, but have used this form a number of times. I was wondering if anyone here can help.

I am trying to create a hackable URL in Drupal 6. I can do it as described here: http://www.masteringdrupal.com/screencast/hackable-urls-drupal-using-pathauto-and-views

But I would like to do it using a Group Name at the beginning. so a URl looking like this:



I just can't get views to figure out the group name. I have tried a number of argument tactics, but none of them will pick up the GID or NID from the group name.

Essentially this would allow me to create a blog for each Organic Group (each having a view), but also allow me to use all of the blog posts in one master view.

Am I not doing this right, is there a better method?

I appreciate the help.