ActivPrayer is a two year old organization whose role in the New Evangelization is promoting purpose-driven action - helping the world learn to sanctify its actions, one action at a time, and then share their experiences with the world through a website and iPhone app.

ActivPrayer is an ecumenical Christian organization founded by a Roman Catholic seminarian.

The website - www.activprayer - and iphone app (“ActivPrayer”) are being completely redesigned from the ground up to allow people to perform “activprayers” (an action dedicated to a higher purpose - a person, place, thing, for the glory of God) and then share their activity/prayer with the world to inspire, lift up, and educate.

We have started this movement in the area of fitness and wellness, specifically with fitness professionals and athletes as a gateway to the broader concept of ActivPrayer. The vision is that not only will athletes dedicate their games and training for some purpose greater than themselves, but eventually students and workers will use the technology to share their higher intentions for study or for work with the entire world.

Since the technology platform of the organization will be built around user-sharing (faith sharing), and since our ultimate goal is to make the technology available to parishes and churches for free, we would like to find a team of developers who can begin building an open-source platform for the site, which will be integrated with the iphone app.

We look forward to working with those who are interested in contributing to this movement!