I’ve been working on the Catholic Diocese App (for Android and iPhone) for the past year and a half, and it’s my hope that every Catholic diocese or organization that wants an app can have one.

In fact, it’s easy enough that even non-developers should be able to help dioceses get up and running on the app in just a few minutes, once they get the hang of the process! I’ve made this quick demonstration video of how you can customize the App to your diocese or organization’s needs in about five minutes:

Basically, all that’s involved is:

  1. Downloading the Zip archive of the Catholic Diocese App from GitHub.
  2. Replacing graphics like the App Icon, Default image, and news icon with your own.
  3. Changing a couple strings in Localizable.strings and another file.
  4. Building the app, then submitting it to the App Store.

Customizing the Android version of the app is similar, but requires Eclipse and the Android SDK instead of Xcode.

I publicly introduced the Catholic Diocese App during my App/Development Expo presentation at this year’s CNMC Tech Summit, and I’ve already received some great feedback from other developers. If you have any questions, or would like to help make the App even better, please fork the project on GitHub, leave comments on this blog post, or contact me directly.

I really hope other people can benefit from the project:

  • Developers can help dioceses and organizations customize the app.*
  • Dioceses and organizations can have awesome apps!

*If you’re a developer interested in being contacted by organizations to build the Catholic Diocese App for them, please leave your information in the comments below. I’m working on a way to let organizations see a listing of developers for the App.

More information about the Catholic Diocese App can be found at catholicdioceseapp.com.