ActivPrayer is a faith-based organization that is building an open-source faith-sharing platform centered around purpose-driven action. For example, a high school athlete can dedicate his next football game for Pro-Life causes around the world or to his mother and then share his “ActivPrayer” with the world when it’s completed via rich media. This is done both through the ActivPrayer iphone app and our website, which will have a live streaming feed of ActivPrayers from around the world at

In order to facilitate this project, we will need a technology manager (effectively, a CTO) who can manage all aspects of the development process and do much of the necessary work personally if needed or if we fail to recruit an adequate team of open-source developers.

ActivPrayer was founded by a Catholic seminarian and is currently a large, ecumenical movement supported by large organizations such as Reebok.

We are willing to pay up to $5,000/month on a monthly contract or up to $60,000/year on a long-term contract, with generous benefits (including stock options/company ownership).

You love building websites using emerging technologies. You believe the work day should be dynamic, ever-evolving, and filled with prayer. You’re comfortable working within the design team. Your eye for detail ensures that our projects stay pretty, clean, and well maintained. You like seeing features come to fruition and are able to jump into a project at any point in its lifecycle You’re hip to the latest requirements for cross-browser compatibility and page optimization

You know your stuff:

Extremely familiar with HTML and HTML5, including the use of new HTML5 elements, attributes and features. Confident with CSS3, ability to leverage new features while supporting older browsers with graceful degradation, you’re keen on responsive design, and efficient CSS markup. You must have experience with CMS (WordPress, etc.) Experience with mobile web development and performance. Cross-browser and cross-platform development Very strong with Javascript; you don’t just know jQuery, you know legit Javascript. You love the module pattern (among others), and properly organizing code for large web applications. Intuitive and excellent visual eye Robust portfolio with working samples You’ve worked with some form of version management system (SVN, GIT, Mercurial, etc)

Please respond directly to Luke Burgis, CEO, at if interested. Please include CV and/or portfolio, as well any other information you feel might be relevant to the hiring process.