Anyone else dealing with this?

Take Flocknote as an example. A business that could potentially attract just about any customer on the planet decides to focus and brand their product as Catholic. What’s the positives and negatives of that choice?

I’ve seen a lot of businesses who choose to be Christian to widen their appeal but that opens up the situation where you may serve a hate message at some point. Or more likely they find out your catholic and decide to not do business with you.

I’ve had this conversation with customers and I’m currently in the heart of this question with my own business. We’re finding a real niche within the Church even though convincing them of the benefits is a challenge. Some might think that branding as a Catholic business limits your growth but considering the number of diocese, parishes, ministries, organizaitons and all the other businesses that focus on all things Catholic — it’s a big market. We’ve always been involved in our parish and it just comes natural to focus on these customers.

There’s also the big challenge of politics that seems to play a large role on every level. Talk to the wrong person first, work with the competing parish or diocese, not being a part of this movement or that battle… it’s a deal breaker. Any organization is going to have it’s share of politics but we’ve got our own special kind.

The true satisfaction comes when you find those genuine pockets of real appreciation for your service and you can measure the positive change you’ve made. We want to help and luckily most people are open to it.

Cash strapped is a null in my opinion as just about everyone is cash strapped.

What else?