Note: this information is out of date and yearns for someone to update it is the home of the Semantic Web which is guided by the World Wide Web Corporation led by Tim Berners-Lee who invented the internet in the first place - Thanks Tim :)

XML This is the home of the XML standard, but XML is not just one standard. For a good tutorial on it see “w3schools it even goes on to explain RDF.

‘RDF’: Resource Description Framework

OWL Web Ontology Language


OSIS This is the web site. There is a guidebook‘Donnell_edits.PDF and the OSIS 2.1.1 schema is available. OSIS is the major markup for theological and scriptural texts used today. It has the support of the American Bible Society and others. It is the preferred markup for the sword project.

STEP The Standard Template for Electronic Publishing is for Bibles and other books. sword and other software can use step. It appears to be no longer developed.

Thml Was created for Christian Classics Ethereal Library and other projects. It has many excellent Catholic books available such as the Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius of Loyola available in many formats.