A few quick updates on Open Source Catholic:

IRC Channel

(What is IRC?) I’ve unregistered #oscatholic from the Freenode IRC server, and have redirected the IRC page/instructions to the pre-existing ##catholic channel. There was never a whole lot of traffic to #oscatholic, and perhaps we may use ##catholic a little more from time to time. (It’s not like there are a lot of Catholics on IRC anyways, at least not that I’ve found… but I still like IRC!).

Site Reorganization, Cleanup

In preparation for some discussion and work at this year’s CNMC (see earlier post on CNMC), I’ve been moving around a few parts of the site, deleting less-frequented forums, changing a couple small things here and there, etc. Notably, I’ve deleted a few forums (Traditional Media and Projects), moving relevant discussions elsewhere. I’ve also worked a little bit on the Projects section of the site (though not too much yet), as I’ll be using that section of the site to highlight some of the OSS work I’m doing, and would invite others to do the same.

I’m working on upgrading the site to Drupal 7 at some point as well, and I’ve already upgraded the theme (Airy Blue) to Drupal 7, and most everything else that’s part of this site has been upgraded to Drupal 7.

I’ve also removed the site’s Twitter integration as (a) most people didn’t use it at all, and (b) it was probably the most annoying feature to keep maintaining on the site. I recommend Tweet Catholic instead, if you want to see a more complete list of Catholics and organizations on Twitter.