As seen on Whispers

A couple interesting notes:

  • The Pope seems to have not actually triggered the tweet, as he pushed up on the screen, registering a scroll rather than a tweet. Oh well.
  • The Pope is using TweetDeck, but used Twitter for iPad for the first tweet.
  • The iPad nearly tumbled when the assistants confusedly picked it up and popped the smart cover off!
  • It didn't seem the entire event (the placement of the iPad, the actual tweeting, and the arrangement of people around the Pope) was that well rehearsed, but it did elicit some cheers from the crowd.

The takeaway is that the Pope is on Twitter now. We’ll see how well the Vatican’s social media gurus handle the @pontifex account. It could be a really good channel for connecting with many in society who spend more time communicating online than in the flesh!