I’d like to introduce you to BooDroo. I’ve been working on BooDroo for over a year and we’ve been testing it at St. Barnabas Church (Bronx, NY) for several months.

BooDroo is a tool that allows parishes to instantly communicate reminders, news and updates to their parishioners, via text message.

The BooDroo project was borne out of my experiences as a web developer and social media consultant for churches and non-profits. I set out to build something that would have a better signal-to-noise ratio than Facebook or Twitter and would, therefore, only require a few messages every week.

BooDroo messages are seen by 98% of the recipients, compared to 29% (Twitter) or 15% (Facebook).

BooDroo isn’t a popularity contest. The goal isn’t to build up hundreds or thousands of followers. Instead, the goal is to communicate directly with people who need to hear your message.

BooDroo allows you to create multiple groups - a parish could create separate groups for a prayer group, a rosary society and CCD parents.

BooDroo is free.

BooDroo is still in its early stages. We plan to roll out more features this spring and summer. But you can get started right now - go to BooDroo.com and create an account and start your first group.

I’ve created a few short video tutorials to help you get started: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZU_hVeUyr13OBbLFlGv6Aid_j_9INASk

Please give it a try and let me know your thoughts.